Anna Rutkowska, Cyryl Polaczek, Filip Rybkowski, Iza Opiełka, Jakub Kosecki, Jan Możdżyński, Karol Radziszewsk, Klaudia Figura, Maks Rzontkowski, Marcin Zonenberg, Mateusz Piestrak, Monika Kwiecień, Olaf Brzeski, Tomasz KręcickiBACKYARD curators: Gabi Skrzypczak and Filip Til


Olaf Brzeski, Klaudia Figura, Jakub Kosecki, Tomasz Kręcicki, Monika Kwiecień, Jan Możdżyński, Iza Opiełka, Mateusz Piestrak, Cyryl Polaczek, Karol Radziszewski, Anna Rutkowska, Filip Rybkowski, Maks Rzontkowski i Marcin Zonenberg

The Backyard exhibition opens up a story of a seemingly calm, grey, tenement backyard. It presents the works of fourteen artists working in various media, including painting, sculpture, photography and video art. At the exhibition we can recall the memories of playing on a carpet frame / climbing frame, find a lost bicycle, feed pigeons with bread or finish smoking a cigarette. The collected objects resemble various  abandoned, and often forgotten elements, which are randomly located in our backyards. Exhibited like museum artifacts, they take on new meanings and begin to tell their individual stories about the life of small communities.

In addition to echoes of the backyards of childhood, the selection of each work for the exhibition was determined through a tug-of-war between the everyday (of things, phenomena, materials and images) and the unusual and visual character of the work of art.

Tenement backyards are spaces suspended between the private and public spheres. Their visual character, the way they look, results from the eclecticism and randomness of the objects gathered there and the phenomena occurring in those spaces.  They manage to escape the common aestheticisation of the world. The presented works differ from each other aesthetically, but also in terms of the medium used. The empty, white space of the gallery emphasises the aesthetic dimension of each object, and at the same time, complicates the relationship between reality and art, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the backyard and the gallery.

The works presented in the exhibition were created by Polish artists of different generations, who share an interest in everyday life that surrounds us.