2.12.2022 - 23.02.2023

Opening: 2 Dec 2022, 4pm
Tour: 2 Dec 2022, 6pm
Finissage: 23 Feb, 5pm

Matthew C. Wilson’s works include films, photographs and installations. Wilson’s 2017 experimental film Geological Evidences sits at the center of his solo exhibition at galeria SKALA in Poznań, PL. Geological Evidences was filmed in near-infrared in and around an archeological excavation site, where the tools of human ancestors were found, within a lignite coal mine. The landscape, dominated by a vast pit, invites reflection about the past and future, and the place of industrial civilisation within entangled, long-term processes, ranging from environmental to social. How will the activities of industrial societies be understood by humans of the future or – for that matter – some other intelligent beings, born perhaps from the marriage of technology and organic lifeforms? Such a question, seeded by the film, is expanded upon in the other works in the exhibition in a spiraling of speculations – as if an outgrowth of contemporary science, some future form of knowing – on processes cascading across scales and between the domains of geology, biology, and technology.

Matthew C. Wilson holds a master’s degree in visual arts from Columbia University in New York and is based in the Netherlands. His films, sculptures and installations bring together a variety of entities – humans linked by natural and historical processes, mercurial materials, plants, animals and micro-organisms, hybrid figures and supra-individual entities. He has shown his work at IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin and the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, among others. The project at SKALA gallery – curated by Arkadiusz Półtorak, researcher at Jagiellonian University’s Department of Performance Studies – is generously supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.

Matthew C. Wilson, still from Geological Evidences, 4K/UHD near-infrared video with sound, 2017.