Eternal Engine„Eternal Engine: Enter The Chamber” curator: Aleksandra Skowrońska

Eternal Engine: Jagoda Wójtowicz i Martix Navrot / Martix Navrot i Jagoda Wójtowicz
„Eternal Engine: Enter The Chamber”

curator: Aleksandra Skowrońska
producer: Aleksandra Kołodziej
galeria SKALA | 14 ̶30.06.2022
The event is presented as part of Short Waves Festival 2022

exhibition opening: 14.06.2022 g. 18:00;
curator’s tour: 16.06.2022, g. 15:00;
gallery opening hours: 14 ̶19.06., g. 12 ̶20;
21 ̶30.06., g. 12 ̶18;
closed 25 ̶26.06.

Eternal Engine: backyard enchantresses and cyberfairies of technoculture.

Eternal Engine: visual artists, designers and software developers incorporating the notions of xeno-, glitch- and cyberfeminism into their practice. 

Eternal Engine: Open Source and Free Learning warriors.

Eternal Engine: Jagoda Wójtowicz and Martix Navrot / Martix Navrot and Jagoda Wójtowicz.

 The first individual exhibition of Eternal Engine is an invitation to replay the past and generate the present. It is an experience of the beginning of the millennium, distorted and shifted: by a millimeter, by an atom, by a pixel. Mystical familiarity and psychedelic everyday. Digital folklore and queer perception.

 The works presented at the exhibition have been selected from the rich artistic output of the collective, which entails video, VR, AR, objects, installations, 3D print, performative and interventional action. In Eternal Engine: Enter the Chamber, the artists free the story of technology from capitalist and patriarchal narrations and use it to produce alternate versions of reality. They generate these realities in collaboration with a collective superhuman mind:  rhizome, fluid, and deeply dreaming AI that escapes unambiguous categorization. 

They state:

Instead of surveillance and control – emancipation and reanimation of exhausted imaginations. Instead of binary oppositions – queering and overcoming cognitive limitations. Everything presented in a DIY environment.

Aleksandra Skowrońska