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Lida Macha (Λήδα Μαχά)Zero Point 26.6—3.7.2020

Zero Point denotes the starting point of a given journey. I attempt to explore Zero Point and watch it transforming into a utopian idea. My Zero Point is getting freed from being a point and becomes a journey of my eternal now. My Zero Point is constantly trying to recollect what my body already knows and to be complete again. I am tired of knowledge and linearity, I prefer the sounds and the dreams. I want to be blinded by the sun outside the cave, by the flash of my photograph, my truth. My senses are extending and I can finally see. This is a tribute to inner knowledge, to connection with the whole, to now, to Zero Point, to life.

I observe my Platonic cave and I create from it a concert seeking the truth. My new eyes serve as my extended sense but remain two due to the limitations of my body. I will always see through my two eyes. My new eyes record my ritual to break the patterns of what I already know. I am saying everything simultaneously and listening to what is left. I am in my temple, my reality, my viewpoint, my body, my Zero Point. I am liquid, blinded, in my now.

LIDA MACHA was born in Athens in 1990. Besides Greece she has also lived in Turkey and Poland. She is currently in her last year of a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Photography Department at the University of Arts in Poznan. She has studied Mixed Media at the Vellios School of Art in Athens and participated in various photography workshops. She is mostly interested in femininity, mortality and trauma. Physicality of the process is an essential part of her practice. She is attempting to explore mem­ories and the subconscious through photography, video and other mixed media.