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Karolina BabińskaArsenal curated by Jagna Domżalska

Karolina Babińska is the author of ephemeral and laconic, site-specific installations. This time she refers to the former function of the place where the SKALA gallery is located – it used to be a gunsmith. An arsenal as an expression with an ambiguous character and internal tension prompts the artist to consider the presence of hidden violence and the powerlessness associated with it. Collecting weapons can mean both storing them, that is, preparing for a fight, and surrendering. The artist presents a series of works in which she analyzes the need for being observant and cautious and how the body reacts to violence.

Karolina Babińska (born in 1986) is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Szczecin. A graduate of the local Academy of Art, she completed her diploma in 2017 in the studio of Kamil Kuskowski. She is the winner of the 2018 Project Room competition at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art and the finalist of the 2017 Hestia Artistic Journey competition. She received the Creative Scholarship of the City of Szczecin in 2019. She expresses herself mainly in the field of installation, but also photography and video, as well as writing. She is associated with the literary and theatrical community and is an author of theatrical scenography and exhibition arrangements. The artist contests reality, including the world of art. She creates conceptual installations with a strong critical and philosophical undercurrent. Her works are inspired by the context of time or place, which serves as a starting point for artistic interpretation.